How it started.

Fire safety specialist, Martin Reed, founded TagEvac® after realising there was no clear system for emergency evacuation. It all seemed a bit ad-hoc.

Safe Emergency Evacuation doesn’t happen by accident

You have a structured process in place that identifies hazards and manages that risk. Your people are trained to respond as best as possible. But as your business gets more complicated and more difficult to control, how can you possibly keep up with all of the changes and manage them effectively day to day?

You don’t have to do-it-yourself

It was this simple realisation that led TagEvac MD, Martin Reed, to give up his job heading a Fire Safety business and start out on his own. Martin had worked in the fire safety industry for years, advising organisations on best practice. During this time, he became increasingly aware of the acute lack of well-engineered products designed to help control the process of evacuation. In company after company, he’d come across homemade solutions that were ad-hoc, unnecessarily complicated and in many cases compromised and potentially dangerous.

In an emergency, simple is best

Martin’s mantra is: don’t make people think in a panic situation. Reduce their choice so there’s only one thing to do – the right thing.

So he set about creating a product that did exactly that. A simple, unequivocal, modular information system that you could rely on absolutely in an emergency.

“In 2009 I was given a tour of a well-known school by the fire safety consultant, who also happened to be an active operational fire officer. He proudly displayed the evacuation reporting system he had created for the school. Although it was a bit clunky, it was a simple design and it worked! I realised that if this was the type of system that a Fire Officer would wish to see when attending a real emergency, then the opportunities for a well-engineered and easy-to-use system were almost limitless. And it would work for all types of organisations, not just Educational. It was my Eureka moment!”

“I remember clearly our launch at FireEX South at Sandown Racecourse. We were blown away by the overwhelming positive reaction to our product. It seemed that we had hit a chord with those responsible for their Fire Safety, needing a simple solution to a potential nightmare”

Martin Reed

With a full understanding of the legislative requirement for effective emergency planning and the benefit that such a suitably designed product could bring to the market, he brought together a team with the collective skill to create a unique product that provides a definitive solution to emergency evacuation.

After perfecting and protecting the design Martin launched TagEvac in March 2010. It was boldly simple in design, robust in manufacture – and 100% reliable.

An innovative company with a global outlook

With our administration centre in Cornwall and our manufacturing base in Lincolnshire our aim is to continue to market our products through our expanding distributor network both in the UK and overseas. We will also be developing new products which will enable us to provide innovative solutions to specific market sectors.

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