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Alan Oliver

Business Development and Compliance

We are delighted that Alan Oliver has joined our team. Alan has been instrumental in driving and achieving better standards within the Passive Fire Industry, doing so for a number of years through well-attended Passive Fire Safety seminars. His passion for detail and delivering value for clients are respected, having led on some of the largest fire-stopping projects both in the UK and overseas. Alan and Martin have worked together on several high-value projects, most notably Cromwell Hospital and Beaufort House in the City. Alan’s involvement at TagEvac will help us to expand and deliver our solutions to a wider audience.

Alan is married and has recently moved to the South Coast. When not involved in fire stuff he enjoys nothing better than walking by the sea with his wife and family.

Sara Blair


Sara has worked within the Fire Installation/Maintenance market for 14 Years. Having worked with most major manufacturers of Fire products and some of the largest Fire and Security Installers in Europe, Sara brings with her, a wealth of knowledge in relation to Fire Strategy and Life Safety Management systems. Sara is recognised within the Fire Industry as being committed to assisting her clients with clear unbiased advice on creating and implementation of bespoke solutions for their Fire Strategy needs. Sara is dedicated and enthusiastic in everything she does and it is hard not to be infected with the same passion.

Mel Fletcher


Mel looks after all of our production needs and is responsible for how all the hard work is finally supplied to our clients. Mel has a great talent for quality control and ensures that when your product leaves factory it is exactly as ordered. All this and a busy Mum too!

Raj Jani

Accounts and Legal

Raj is one of those people who aims to learn more and more as most of us want to slow down. He has a capacious knowledge in Accounting practice and acts as an expert witness. He is also a legal advocate, and is trusted by the many of us fortunate to have had his expertise at hand. Raj is very much a gentleman and a scholar, a devoted family and religious man with many friends across the world.

Marcus Carter


Marcus is all things creative and has patient understanding of how to design something simple that actually works in practice. Marcus also has an enviable talent as an artist and musician, and enjoys an eclectic interest in architecture, visiting various NT property with his wife when time allows.

Martin Reed


Most of our clients have met or spoken to Martin at some stage. Martin comes from a long background in Fire Safety. A brief few years in the Merchant Navy gave him the appreciation of being ready for anything! Once ashore Martin continued his interest in fire safety setting up his own business, combining both Active and Passive Fire Protection services. Trading for over 20 years during this time Martin also helped steer the formation of the Fire Industry Association. Martin is passionate about the people he works with and getting things just right.

When not at work he spends time helping coach youth rugby, walking the Cornish landscape or fishing for that elusive trout.

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