Easy to use, quick to learn

TagEvac® takes minutes to understand and lets you evacuate your site quickly, thoroughly and with certainty.

Why use TagEvac®?

When there’s an emergency you need to evacuate your site quickly, thoroughly and with certainty. You also need to give fire and rescue services an accurate assessment of the situation as soon as they arrive.

Through a system of easy-to-implement and quick-to-learn products and signage, TagEvac provides this information for any premises, regardless of their complexity or the type of organisation. It uses the ‘sweep’ method of clearing the building zone by zone, rather than headcount and gives you a simple effective solution for managing your evacuation which is recognised by the Fire and Rescue Service.

Benefits at a glance

  • A fast, safe and reliable emergency evacuation system

  • Helps you meet your legal obligations under RRO (Fire Safety) 2005

  • Uses the preferred ‘sweep’ method for buildings

  • Design flexibility so it can be adapted to your needs

  • Ideal for larger premises and sites with multiple buildings

  • Assists in the effective training of Fire Wardens

  • Gives your company a solid foundation for all emergency planning

  • Quality UK design & manufacture

  • Robust mechanical system with no ongoing maintenance costs

  • Deliberately low-tech, so no ‘system failure’ in an emergency

  • Endorsed by The National Archives, a Dept. of the Ministry of Justice – so you know it follows best practise.

Works for all industries

  • Educational: Schools, colleges and universities.
  • Banking and Financial: Investment institutions, insurance and other secure environments.
  • Industrial: Manufacturing and engineering sites including those with specialist, high-value or high-risk environments.
  • Corporate & Commercial: Corporate offices in single or tenanted buildings.
  • Leisure & Healthcare: Hospitals and other associated buildings, leisure centres and sports complexes.
  • Hotel & Conferencing: Hotels with event, conference and function facilities which are typically supported by a significant network of staff in various departments.
  • Local Authority & Government: Departmental offices, town halls and other assets.
  • Retail & Distribution: Shopping Centres, retail parks and department stores where the evacuation of the general public can be complex.

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