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No. TagEvac can be used effectively with other security systems to provide failsafe back-up. This information can be used by the Fire & Rescue Service to help them prioritise their actions accordingly. Also, as TagEvac is mechanical, there are no concerns regarding software or electronic system failure.

All of our acrylic protective housings come pre-installed ready to have a security seal fitted. For added security an optional protective cover with integral sounder is available. Please choose this option when ordering.

Yes. A weatherproof version of our acrylic protective housing can be specified for all TAG Stations which need to be sited outside. Please choose this option when ordering.

Depending on how your organisation operates and the layout of your building, zones can be allocated in various ways. We will discuss and agree this with you as part of our service and find a solution that works for your business. However, we always recommend zones are set out so that appointed Fire Wardens can check their areas effectively without compromise.

Yes. TagEvac is simple to adopt within an existing Emergency plan, typically with only minor amendments. We did this recently at St John’s School.

TagEvac can be customised to work for all-out or part-site evacuations with control points located to suit your specific requirements.

To help the Fire Warden, the control point reference can also be printed on the TAG so that its clear to which control point the TAG belongs. The information received at each control point can then be relayed to the principal operation / control centre and the evacuation mirrored onto a Mimic panel. See Bespoke Solutions for examples of how this works in practice.

Yes. We understand the importance of ensuring your new system is effective and provide the required training. This training can be arranged directly for Fire Wardens, or where applicable instructing the onsite Trainer.

>> More info on our Training Page

Yes. Additional zones can be added (or removed) in the future if required.

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