MODULAR Control Board

Bespoke Control Board

If you have a large or complex building we can develop a bespoke Control Board that makes your evacuation simple to manage. In this example, we helped Lloyd’s of London create a Control system that would meet their exact requirements. It needed to be simple to use but also manageable and portable so that it could be carried to the Control Point without difficulty.

The finished product makes it simple to see the zones that have been cleared all on one board, and removes the need for multiple Control Folders.

As Trevor Jennings, Risk Manager at Lloyd’s of London said:

“Throughout the process we have worked very closely with TagEvac and have come up with an ideal solution….the Fire Brigade were certainly very impressed and expressed their views that TagEvac is a very good product.”

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Adopting TagEvac has simplified and speeded up the reporting process. I gave my fire wardens 5 minutes training on how to use the system and they got it straight away!
Carol FoleyFacilities ManagerGTA
Martin ReedBespoke Control Board