MODULAR Control Board

CUSTOM Control Board

The CUSTOM Control Board can take up to 11 magnetic tags and is supplied ready to use.

Visually striking, during the evacuation it is easy to see areas checked (green tags), against areas not checked (red).

As part of the CUSTOM solution, a plan is supplied affixed inside the folder showing all of the zones / floor plans. This gives the Incident Manager and the FRS a clear picture as each tag is received.

The Control Board is made from tough and durable 3mm white aluminium composite board, widely used for all types of sign applications.

Supplied pre-inserted into the protective PVC folder, it can hold 2 boards, with a maximum of 22 tags per folder, enough capacity for most systems.

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Adopting TagEvac has simplified and speeded up the reporting process. I gave my fire wardens 5 minutes training on how to use the system and they got it straight away!
Carol FoleyFacilities ManagerGTA
Martin ReedCUSTOM Control Board