MODULAR Tag Station

Retractable Barrier

These retractable barriers can help manage the evacuation process and prevent re-entering areas that have already been checked. Discreet when not in use, they’re used effectively in many environments to help control people when required by simple deployment.

Clear messaging adds clarity to the sweep process and for the Fire & Rescue Service when entering the building. They’re also ideal for buildings that have a problem with being re-occupied before authorisation to do so.

Use as part of your TagEvac solution or as an addition to enhance your existing arrangements.

Available in two standard sizes to fit most single and double door applications.

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Throughout the process we have worked very closely with TagEvac and have come up with an ideal solution….the Fire Brigade were certainly very impressed and expressed their views that TagEvac is a very good product.
Trevor JenningsRisk ManagerLloyd's of London
Martin ReedRetractable Barrier