MODULAR Control Board

MODULAR Control Board – NHS

This NHS / Healthcare version of the MODULAR Control Board, like the standard version comes pre-routed with 9 slots ready to take up to 9 magnetic tags. It has been designed to work smoothly with Progressive Horizontal Evacuation (PHE). Zones which can be checked and cleared out from the building will report to the Control Point in the normal way. Areas which are subject to PHE use a system of Reporting using our PHE Indicator.

This system allows much greater flexibility but still provides all of the management you need at your Control Point. Visually simple to read it is easy to see areas checked (green tags) against areas not checked (red).

For any slots not needed simply fit a ‘NOT IN USE’ blanking tag.

The Control Board is made from tough and durable 3mm white aluminium composite board, widely used for all types of sign applications.

Using a DYMO label maker you can create or change your specific details at any time. This gives flexibility to expand, change or move the system if and whenever required.

Supplied pre-inserted into the protective PVC folder, it can hold 2 boards, with a maximum of 18 tags per folder, enough capacity for most systems. If required we can combine this solution with a Bespoke Control Board.

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Adopting TagEvac has simplified and speeded up the reporting process. I gave my fire wardens 5 minutes training on how to use the system and they got it straight away!
Carol FoleyFacilities ManagerGTA
Martin ReedMODULAR Control Board – NHS