MODULAR Control Board


Keep your staff safe and informed. This MODULAR F.I.R.E. notice provides essential information on your Fire, Incident, Response and Evacuation procedures. It has two inserts. An A4 section which can be used for a plan of the floor, evacuation zone, evacuation routes, fire fighting equipment etc… The other section is A5 and used to name staff trained as Fire Wardens, First Aiders etc… It is a totally flexible solution.

The F.I.R.E. notice can be used in isolation combined with the MODULAR TAG station.

The product is designed so that you can amend information in-house simply and cheaply so it always stays up-to -date. It also ensures that your key safety message is uniform throughout your business.

Made from tough 3mm faced acrylic and simple to install, each unit is supplied with high tack 48mm Velcro pads. Please see our  modular_Installation_guide

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Throughout the process we have worked very closely with TagEvac and have come up with an ideal solution….the Fire Brigade were certainly very impressed and expressed their views that TagEvac is a very good product.
Trevor JenningsRisk ManagerLloyd's of London
Martin ReedMODULAR F.I.R.E Notice